Use the formulas for a cylinder: r = 7 mm h = 4mm SA =

Accepted Solution

Answer: S.A = 483.87mm²Step-by-step explanation:Given parameters: radius of the cylinder(r) = 7mmheight(h) = 4 mmunknown is the surface area of the cylinder which is S.ASolutionThe surface area of a body is the total area covered by the outermost part of such a body. A cylinder has top and bottom circles with a trunk.             The surface Area of cylinder is given as = 2πrh + 2πr²Now we slot in the appropriate parameters:            S.A = (2 x π x 7 x 4 ) + (2 x π x 7²)            S.A = (175.95 + 307.92)mm²           S.A = 483.87mm²