PLZZ HELP 30 POINTSS!!!The measures in the table describe the diameters of trees in a section of forest, in feet.MeanMedianModeMean Absolute Deviation1.931.95no mode0.20Select from the drop-down menus to correctly complete each statement.On average, the diameter of a tree in this forest is about ft away from ft.If the MAD of diameters for another section of forest was 0.31 ft, then that section's diameters would be than the diameters for this section.

Accepted Solution

Average is another word for mean. Therefore, the average diameter of trees in this forest is the same as the mean: 1.93 ft. The mean absolute deviation of the other section of forest, without any other information, can only tell you how variable the diameters of the trees are. The MAD is the average distance between each data value and the mean In this case, the MAD of the other section is greater than that if the first section, therefore, the diameters of trees of the second forest section are more variable.