In the 2014 - 2015 school year, the mean score on the critical reading of the SAT was 490 with a standard deviation of 102 for juniors. If Dennis scores a 694 on the SAT, what ishis percentile ranking?A. 13.5%B. 97.5%C. 95%D. 2.5%

Accepted Solution

Answer:The Ranking Percentile is (B) 97.5% Explanation :To find the percentile rank we need to find the z- score. After finding the z-score match this value with the corresponding value in z-score table. Formula to find the z-score Z-score=[tex]\frac{\text { scored obtained - mean }(\mu)}{\text { standard deviation }(\sigma)}[/tex]Substituting the values in the above equation, we find Z-score= [tex]\frac{(694-490)}{102}[/tex]=2 So, the Z-score is +2 Now, the corresponding value of Z-score 2 in the table is 0.9772 or the percentile score is 97.72 ~ 97.5 .