A vendor has 30 umbrellas to sell. He sells them for $20 each. The function m(u) = 20u models the total amount of money the vendor makes from selling u umbrellas. What are the practical domain and range of the function?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:Domain={0,30},Range={0,600Total number of  umbrellas=3Price for  each umbrella is =$20m(u)=20uas we knowu  = umber of umbrellasm(u) total amount vendor makes by selling u number of umbrellasSo Practically,The extreme cases arewhen the vendor sells 0 umbrellas/ no umbrellaswhen he sells all the umbrellasSo Domain is {0,total number of umbrellas}={0,30}Putting this extreme value of domains as u in function m(u),we get the range of m(u)={0$20,30$20}⇒ Range={0,$600}